Until now, selling has been considered an action added to the end of the development process. This thinking needs to change in the real estate industry. Because, according to MARS, selling starts with making. Sales management is not the end of the development process but itself.

A real estate project, whose needs analysis is done correctly, whose target audience is determined completely, and which is then shaped in accordance with its target audience, meets its investors fluently.

Residential, office, commercial or industrial area… MARS provides development consultancy to branded housing projects, bringing together residences, agencies and investors in their target audience.

The development consultancy of MARS includes the evaluation of the land through its business partners, the creation of the most suitable architecture for the project, the pricing, the creation of the marketing and sales strategy and its management on site.

At this point, MARS is the most valuable business partner of the real estate developer. It is the collective mind that supports the correct construction of the project in every aspect.