A New Perspective on the Real Estate Sector with MARS' US Expansion

A New Perspective on the Real Estate Sector with MARS' US Expansion

The real estate sector in the USA, the world's largest economy and the country that directs world trade offers many opportunities for investment and residence. In recent years, investors have shown great interest in the US market, especially in Texas and Miami, from commercial real estate to residential properties.

MARS, which continues its globalization moves in the sector, is launching the US expansion to work with investors who want to make profitable investments in the US real estate market. In this way, MARS contributes to sectoral continuity and globalization by building a bridge between Turkish and American real estate developers. 

Why Invest in the US Real Estate Sector?

There are several important reasons to invest in the US real estate sector. Firstly, the US has one of the world's largest and most developed real estate markets. As a result, it provides a wide range of opportunities for investors. In addition, residential, commercial, and industrial real estate projects in major US metropolitan areas offer the potential for stable income.

Second, the US has a business environment based on substantial legal and property rights. A solid legal framework for real estate investments enables investors to keep their property safe and protect their rights. 

Third, the US economy is showing steady growth. Thus, it contributes to value and rental growth in the real estate sector. Moreover, the urbanization trend and population growth in the US are driving demand for housing, which supports the potential return on real estate investments.

In addition, well-developed financial markets and the various financing options of the USA are available to real estate investors. Therefore, it makes real estate investment profitable and attractive for investors. For example, credit facilities and different real estate investment options allow investors to finance their projects and optimize their returns.

What Types of Buildings and Where Are Preferred for Investment?

Many Turkish companies have invested in the US real estate market recently. There are several reasons for this, but one of the first is the prevalence of land purchases. In this method, investors cannot obtain the money until the contractor or developers complete the building after paying the land registry office. Therefore, investors invest in real estate in the US with confidence. 

Although foreign investors in US real estate primarily invest in residential real estate, increased immigration to the US in recent years and new business lines have also increased interest in commercial real estate. On the other hand, when all taxes and expenses are deducted, the return and earnings of real estate investments made through purchases and renting out are high. As a result, Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, New York, Arizona, and Miami are the most preferred destinations for foreigners for investment purposes.

The private status of Miami as a vacation destination and relatively affordable prices have made it an attractive investment destination in recent years. In addition, the 30% increase in housing prices in recent years and the constant immigration to the Miami area have increased investors' appetite. 

The US Expansion of MARS Will Directly Impact the Industry's Activities in the US

The US real estate market has an important place among MARS' globalization strategies. Especially since the 2010s, Turkish investors have shown great interest in the US real estate sector. With whom MARS has been working for a long time, real estate stakeholders and international investors often offer cooperation for fixed-income and profitable investments in the US. Hakan Bucak, Chief Executive Officer of MARS, made a series of contacts in the USA to take the necessary steps and establish this connection.

MARS will soon be ready in the US with different business models. A complete real estate development, renovation, leasing and management network will be established here. The MARS ecosystem aims to systematically present the opportunities created in the US to investors worldwide, especially in Turkey.