You have a corporate real estate project. Imagine entrusting the development processes of the project to a collective mind with interdisciplinary expertise.

This mind sets up the ideal use for your project by providing consultancy to your architectural group. It determines the right price policy for you by analyzing the market, competition and user needs. It puts the sales scenarios on the table.

Then it creates your domestic sales team for you. It also plans and practically manages your international sales with its global network of thousands of agencies. It draws out your marketing plan and directs your communication partners. It provides these suppliers for you if needed.


With the consultancy company in MARS ecosystem, it solves the official processes of your foreign sales transactions. It makes the acquisition of citizenship institutional and systematic. It combines your branded real estate project with a sales engineering philosophy with a global vision and brings you together with your target audience.

Meet MARS's 360-degree real estate development and marketing service. Take your real estate to a different dimension.