Hakan Bucak

Board of Management

CEO Message

MARS has been at the heart of the real estate sector as a pioneering, innovative, and transformative force since 2018. Throughout this journey, we collaborated; the story of each investor, agent, and developer has made MARS' light shine even brighter.

Over the past years, we have worked to make a meaningful impact not only in the real estate world but also in people's lives, communities, and dreams. We bring together the lives people envision with perfect design, high-quality construction, and life-facilitating technologies. Our deep understanding of the real estate sector enables us to comprehend people's needs and desires better and realize them.

Every project we create has become more than just a home or an office. Because, as MARS, we offer much more than living spaces. We shape experiences that will influence lives, communities, and future generations.

We all know that there are winds of change in the real estate sector. These winds carry us forward and higher. As MARS, we are ready to progress towards our goals, guided by new technologies, sustainability, digital transformation, and innovative designs.

In the upcoming period, together with you, we aim to push the boundaries of the real estate sector and become the leader of the transformation in the industry. Like before, we will build a brighter future in the real estate world with your support and trust.

Best regards,