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3500+solution partners

800+property sales with solution partners

20+branded real estate project management

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2000+real estate sales with solution partners

70+different nationalities property sales service

40+different connected country worldwide

4000+solution partners

16different languages service

What we do?

We are specialized in helping businesses in the areas of sales, marketing and investment in the opportunities offered by Turkish and surrounding markets. Our unique experience enables us to provide strategic solutions for companies facing complex sales & marketing issues, financial or digital development issues. We support our investors to penetrate Turkey’s increasingly complex economic, legal and regulatory environment.

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Make the whole real estate development process corporate, systematic, efficient, and – above all – centralized. Shape your project around a sales engineering vision. Increase and give value meaning. Keep track of all your processes from start to finish.

MARS is an ecosystem in of itself. It’ll offer you result-driven support for your businesses. Those working behind the scenes include development, marketing and sales experts, Galle, a company specializing in citizenship acquisition, and Terra, a second-hand sales and rental firm.

With MARS, you have the luxury of focusing your work on a single topic and field, or leaving all your sales and marketing tasks to our ecosystem.

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Most people used to think that selling something a product was the final stage of the development process. The real estate industry really needs to change their thinking about that. For Mars, sales begins with making something. 

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Marketing is more than advertising. In the case of real estate project, it’s creating the right brand for you. How? By marrying strategy with creativity! Mars helps real estate developers brand themselves as well as takes care of their communication needs.

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You can’t pitch any project strictly according to people’s needs only. Sales starts with making. In fact, it’s integral to development. A quality real estate project offers potential buyers the right lifestyle!

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After Sales

A common mistake the real estate industry makes is assuming the end of a project means selling it. That’s wrong. You have to follow your sales up after words in order to polish your image and launch future projects. 

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